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Dog Language Wiki is the encyclopedia of canine behavior edited by Roger Abrantes and based on his book ''Dog Language–An Encyclopedia of Canine Behavior". The present wiki is much larger than the book, covering more topics and in more depth.

Dog Language Wiki is a project created by the Ethology Institute founders, Roger Abrantes and John Larsen. It is a never-ending project, always being reviewed, updated, enlarged.

Dog Language Wiki is not free. However, following our ideology and policy of providing "knowledge to everyone... everywhere," we keep the annual subscription fee as low as possible. We hope to be able to maintain it at its present level. The more reader-subscribers we get, the easier it will be for us to keep the low fees.

Dog Language Wiki is your wiki. Should you find that we missed an interesting behavior, do not hesitate to write directly to Roger Abrantes at (click here). If there is sufficient scientific evidence to back up an article, we will gladly create a new entry with your suggested topic.

Enjoy your reading and your studies!

Dog Language Wiki Admin Team