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The four wolf faces from the original book "Dog Language." Illustration by Alice Rasmussen.

Dog Language Wiki is the encyclopedia of canine behavior edited by Roger Abrantes and based on his book ''Dog Language–An Encyclopedia of Canine Behavior". The present wiki is much larger than the book, covering more topics and in more depth. It is regularly updated, and the author creates new entries when necessary. You can contact us and ask for an entry you find relevant, and we have missed.

Dog Language Wiki is for everyone, from the pet owner to the professional trainer or the student of behavior. References and links support all entries. It is the ideal tool for the serious student of behavior. You can easily access it from your mobile device, should you need to check a definition or get some references for your further study.

Despite its name, Dog Language Wiki deals with much more than the behavior of dogs, Canis lupus familiaris. It reviews all canids' behavior, including wolves, African wild dogs, dingoes, jackals, and more. In fact, you will find that the thoroughly given definitions in this wiki apply to behavior in general. Students of species other than canids will find this wiki to be a dependable source for their studies.

You can quote from the wiki by adhering to the standard academic practice. Quotation format is: 
Abrantes, R., et al. "Article Title," Dog Language Wiki,, (accessed YYYY-MM-DD).
You may not use any copyrighted pictures or illustrations. All illustrations attributed to Alice Rasmussen are copyrighted and may not be used under any circumstances. All pictures and illustrations attributed to an author may be copyrighted. Some unattributed pictures, unbeknown to us, may also be copyrighted. Should you find a picture of yours on this wiki, please let us know, and we will promptly give you due credit or remove it, as you prefer. 

To gain access to all entries in their full-length, you will have to request an account and pay a subscription. As an anonymous user, you have access to all articles in the wiki, though limited to 500 words per entry.

To create an account, please click the link "request account" (on top of the page). You will, then, receive an email asking you to select a subscription. Once PayPal has accepted your payment (be it from your PayPal account or by credit card), you will receive an email with your username and a temporary password. You can, then, access all articles in their full length in Dog Language Wiki.

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